About Us

How Beardbangs Ceramics Got Started

Beardbangs was formed in spring 2014 as a joint project between myself, Alicia Zwicewicz, and my husband, Josiah Henderson. The project was created to intertwine my love of pottery and drawing (BFA Concordia, 2014) with Josiah’s illustration experience (DEC Illustration and Design, Dawson College, 2010). The business has now become my full-time work, and continues to be inspired by the combination of our graphic styles and interests.


The Process

I enjoy designing and carrying through all aspects of production, from mixing colours to achieve the exact hue and value that I desire, to the continuous process of learning about kiln-firing techniques. Most of the pieces I create and sell are thrown on the wheel using a smooth, white stoneware clay, which I find ideal for my purposes in achieving simplicity of design and sturdiness. I apply the colour and shapes using hand-mixed engobes and a paper-resist technique. This colour is applied to the greenware in multiple layers, and the black detailing of the characters’ faces is painted by hand with underglaze. Finally, after the bisque firing I glaze each piece with a hand-mixed, food-safe transparent glaze.



The Inspiration

My work is meant to be accessible, to be picked up and used every day, being not only completely useful to daily life but also brightening it. The aspects of this job I love most are seeing someone’s face burst into a smile as they walk past my display, and seeing adults and children alike connect to the bright colours and silly faces of my characters. I am inspired and motivated by these human interactions, and am also influenced by Scandinavian pottery and design, a retro aesthetic, and my family.