Nice To Meet you!

Nice To Meet you!

Hello and welcome to World of Beardbangs! My name is Alicia Zwicewicz, and I live and work in Montreal, Canada together with my husband, Josiah, and our cat, Pandora. I own a business called Beardbangs Ceramics that specializes in functional pottery. My main goal is to make useful objects that are as mind-blowingly cute, whimsical and colourful as possible.

Blogging is pretty new for me. I’m creating World of Beardbangs because I want a more focused way to be able to share our processes, inspiration (including fun artist features), diys about the craft of pottery (and other projects I’m working on). Please feel free to share comments, suggestions and your own inspirations in the section below, or email us about anything you feel like at beardbangs [at]

At just around one year old, Beardbangs is at a bit of a crossroads; we are getting a little bit too big for the studio we rent out of a friend’s basement, and so I’ve started dreaming! What do I want to do with this business? What can I do? It turns out a lot more than I had even considered is actually possible. And so in the next months, we are going to move into a new, bigger space, and hopefully get a community ceramics studio started where other folks in Montreal can come in and fool around on the wheel. More to come on this, as well, in the future!

I have learned so much over this least year, about problem-solving in the studio, about running a business and crunching numbers like I never thought I could, about balancing work and rest, and about what I’m capable of. I still have so much to learn in all of these areas! I hope that some of the insights that I’ve had could be helpful to you too, whether it’s about starting your own business in the world of art, making your home a little more inviting, or creating for the sake of creation. And maybe we will learn some things together, too.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you again soon!

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