Themey Thursday (on a Friday): Florida Orange Kitch

Themey Thursday (on a Friday): Florida Orange Kitch

Today's theme is a bit of a riff off of our own collection of strange, face-laden oranges, most of which are souvenirs from Florida or California- turns out they're into the exact same souvenir look (or they were at some point in history).

1. Orange Clock, vintage, from

2. Happy salt and pepper shakers, vintage, being sold by 3 Florida Girls on Etsy:

3. Souvenir Florida Orange Bell, vintage, found by us at The One-of-a-Kind Antique Mall in Woodstock, Ontario (this little buddy started the obsession)

4. This strange toy is described as an "anthropomorphic tape measure" on Pinterest, making it that much more appealing:

5. Fruit Buttons, vintage, found on pinterest:

6. Arabia of Finland Jam Jar, Vintage, sold by Wise Apple on Etsy:

Did you notice the pun I sneakily put in there?

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