Themey Thursday: Floral Prints (Warm Colours Edition)

Themey Thursday: Floral Prints (Warm Colours Edition)

I love floral prints. And there are endless lovely floral things I could put in a floral-themed post, so I narrowed it down to some of the cutest warm-coloured things that I could find, all of which I wish were in my house. So here we go!

1. Ruth Broadway, Sunflower Print, $56. I can't find this colour for sale online anymore, but you can purchase a similar one in red at Rostra Gallery.

2. Layla Amber, Poppy Posy Brooch, $32. Find it here on Etsy.

3. Marimekko, Unikko Tea Cup, $24. Find it at

4. Hunter's Kitchen, Vintage floral cutting board, $22. Find it here on Etsy.

5. Erin Flett, Daisy Pillow, $105. Find it at

6. Yay Retro, Crown Devon Sugar Jar, $30. Find it at

7. Camp Cirrus, Tea Towel Rabatten in Yellow, $24. Find it on


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