Featured Artist: Karla Pruitt

Featured Artist: Karla Pruitt

Karla Pruitt is a surface designer and painter living in Athens, Georgia. I first saw her work at Hygge & West, a company that produces the loveliest wallpaper I’ve ever seen. She’s also done fabric, greeting cards, a couple of amazing sets of funky playing cards (see below), and lots of art prints. She kindly agreed to answer a few questions about her life, work and inspiration, and here’s what she had to say (thank you, Karla, for sharing yourself with us)! To everyone else, check out the rest of her work at karlapruitt.com. You'll find more photos at the end of the interview.

Me: Why are you making art (this could mean, what drives you, or how did you end up doing what you do)?

Karla Pruitt: I've always loved to draw and paint, and when I got to college and realized textile design was a career, I was so excited to learn I could turn my hobby into a paycheck. As a textile designer, I discovered there were licensed artists who created artwork for companies to use. I always thought that when I started a family it would be a great to try to become a licensed artist instead of working as an in-house desinger. It's been a lot of hard work to make that transition, and it is much harder to get any work done with a baby than I'd imagined, but I'm so glad it's working out.

Me: What’s your favourite medium or material to work with?

KP: I love to paint with guache and watercolor. I also love working straight into photoshop with a stylus pen/ waccom tablet.

Me: What’s one of your favourite works of art?

KP: Anything by NC Wyeth is my favorite; I wish I could paint like that. I also love lots of folk art and modern art too.

Me: Can you describe a real-life situation that has inspired you as an artist?

KP: My Garden wallpaper for Hygge & West is full of florals drawn from my neighborhood in Athens, GA. I just installed some in my dining room, and I love that the same azaleas and camellias that are blooming outside inspired what is inside now.

Me: What makes your home feel the most like “home” to you?

KP: I am lucky to have quite a few pieces of antiques from my family that I really adore and have been moving around with me since college. I try not to get too attached to things in general, but they've been with me my whole life!

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